Garden to table
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Garden to table

Cody was a key member of our third summer cohort.  He and his fellow SEED group members were responsible for planting cucumbers, radishes and flowers; tending to tomatoes, grapes, and hot peppers; and producing pickled garlic scapes, strawberry jam, and chamomile tea.  Cody said one of his favourite experiences through SEED was his time in the community garden, and he was always keen to share recipes or try new ones.

“Gardening is an essential learning component of the SEED program. Participants learn to harvest many plants including the scapes of a garlic plant. They can then be pickled or served fresh. This is a recipe of one way fresh scapes can add a delicious flavour to almost any dish including appetizers, pasta, and pizza.”

We were excited when Cody shared this tasty way to use garlic scapes, fresh out of the garden. 

click here for the recipe!

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